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About Us

Our promise to our customers…

We have one main focus within our business which is to provide a service which is reliable, honest and of a high standard where the customer’s needs are our highest priority.

We will always keep you in mind…

Whatever the problem, we are always committed to doing our best to help you resolve it. We will always work with you to help you get what you need.

We Never Oversell Our Servers

Most budget shared hosts oversell their servers packing up to 3000 hosted domains on a single machine, this means that with more domains more resources are consumed by each account and there is an increased load on central systems. Even using powerful multi-core servers, there is only so much cpu load or disk input/output the server can handle before scheduling delays occur and your site slows down or behaves erratically. We endeavour to ensure that this situation never occurs with our servers. Most hosts use throttling, traffic shaping and file inode limits to reduce your access to resources. Hostbox Cloud has only 30-50 users per cpu core with up to 8 cores available per process and gigabit ports so our servers are barely breathing and retain the resource overhead required to handle significant load spikes without affecting performance. This means you can use your server and not worry about being ``throttled`` and with fewer users our servers are insanely stable and fast.

The Best Service Level Agreement In Shared Hosting…Period

A Service Level Agreement is where your host puts their money behind their mouth. It's not a guarantee of reliability since it's purely a financial compensation, but it does reflect the ethic of a host and their confidence in their infrastructure. Hostbox Cloud averages 99.9% service uptime and 99.99% network availability. If we ever are down other than scheduled maintenance we will credit you 100% back for every hour that we can not deliver services up to the full amount you paid.

Knowledgeable Support Staff

Hosting and Email are complex fields and even with our great online knowledge base, you will eventually have questions about design, programming, DNS or problems with your site or software and need support. When you do you'll be happy you chose Hostbox Cloud as we will be on hand to answer your queries with... System administrators who average 16 years experience, In-house programmers, Certified datacenter engineers and knowledgable 24 x 7 customer support staff with a philosophy of going the extra mile to help our customers

Comparing Hosts?

Do you really want a host that packs 3000 websites per shared ip, or allows 2000 email accounts per person, and expect your Mail Server to be responsive ? Will their Support help you navigate complex issues and reply quickly with effective answers ?

What good is Unlimited Hosting Space if you can’t use it?

Any host claiming unlimited space is going to attract abusive customers and these types of hosts almost always cut corners by using single hard drives to pack more users per server, or don't do proper off-server backups, or backup archiving due to space constraints. They may throttle CPU or FTP, making access to the space difficult, or limit your inode file count and arbitrarily delete your account for storing files they don't agree with. Hostbox Cloud gives you 100x more space than any normal or corporate website could possibly use, and make sure that space is 100% accessible without any ftp or http throttling, low inode limits or website file storage limitations. To insure data integrity we run RAID-1 Dual Hard Drive Servers that do real-time mirroring to protect against storage layer failure. In addition we do proper Off Server Daily Backups so if the server Raid had a melt down, or power surge wiped out the hard drives, your data is safe.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible services.

All the time every time.

We always give surprise to our customers.
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